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Imagine yourself in a cozy house without the warmth and comfort of a wood flooring. The easiest way to get new wood under your foot is through floating wood floor installation. It makes a stable and solid sandwich of plywood or pine wood layers glued to wood veneer. Even though the veneer wood is an engineered flooring and cannot be sanded many time like a solid wood, it has thickly applied coating which is more durable than the one applied for a solid wood, and it is easy to regard and convert it as a furniture someday. 


An engineered wood flooring goes under a thin sheet of foam, that serves as cushion, which also dampen room sound. The planks are glued, creating a "floating floor", moving freely as an entire unit. For the floor to have enough space for expansion, you can leave a five by sixteen inch gap in between the baseboard or wall and the flooring surrounding the perimeter of the room, Most of the time, even you don't remove the current baseboard, you're still be able to do a floating floor installation, that conceals the gap expansion with the shoe molding. It is also your option to have the baseboard removed, then lay the flooring and do a baseboard reinstallation on top. Whatever method you prefer, you need to nail the molding on the wall, not your flooring, to ensure that the floor can freely move. 


After the preparation, choose the direction where you can lay the flooring, and usually parallel planks with the longest wall looks the best. The next steps would be trimming door casings using a flush-cut dovetail saw, underlaying foam installation, first course installation, installation of the entire wood flooring, last course measurement, ripping the plank to width using jigsaw, last course prying, and finish trim installation. 


Wood flooring will make your home comfortable and appealing, in addition to the warmth it can bring to your feet, especially during cold season. But if you're not confident doing the job, we can do wood floor installation, wood floor refinishing, and wood floor repair. We also do hardwood floor installation, hardwood floor refinishing and hardwood floor repair. We can definitely help you with all your flooring needs. Feel free to visit our website or homepage for the details of our wood flooring services. Allow us to install, repair or refinish your wood flooring for your perfect nice-looking home you can call your own.