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Any product that are made from timber, which is designed and used as a flooring of houses or any commercial buildings is called as wood flooring.  Wood flooring became recognized as one of the most popular feature of residential houses, in every parts of the world. Wood materials are basically the common choice for the flooring, and it comes in different cuts, colors, species and styles. The different types of wood flooring are the solid type and engineered type. The solid type includes the solid wood flooring and the solid hardwood flooring. Solid wood flooring is milled and sawed from a kiln or air dried piece of timber, which can be cut in three basic ways, such as rift-sawn, quarter-sawn, and flat-sawn, and that basically depends on the desired outcome and appearance of the floor; while the hardwood flooring are consists of planks milled that comes from a single piece of timber. The engineered type of wood flooring is basically composed of two or more layers of wood materials which are being formed as a plank. The various characteristics of solid type of flooring includes that it is always in a plank format, is more thicker than the engineered ones, and is more frequently site-finished, while the engineered type is designed with bevelled edges and is more frequently pre-finished rather than being site-finished.


The various wood floor installation systems of the wood flooring includes the tongue-and-groove, the floor connection system, the glue-down method, the floating installation, and the click or woodloc system. In the solid type of wood flooring, it is commonly installed by using the glue-down method and the floating installation. The glue-down method is specifically used for the solid parquet flooring installations on the concrete sub-floors, in which the wood pieces will be laid on the top of the glue and hammered into place with the use of a rubber mallet; while the floating installation, is done where the flooring is being laid down without the use of a nail or glue, and in result the wood flooring will float above the underlay or the wood flooring can also be placed on top of an already existing tile or marble. The people  who wants to learn more about these various installation systems can do so, and that can be done through the use of the internet, or from the advised of families and friends, or the people who have the knowledge and the skills with the hardwood floor installation process.